Fully Funded IST Summer Internship 2023-2024 in Austria | How to Get Free Summer Internship in Europe

Fully Funded IST Summer Internship 2023-2024 in Austria | How to Get Free Summer Internship in Europe

The Institute of Science and Technology (IST) is a university in Austria, Europe. Apply for the IST Summer Internship in Austria in 2023. Every year, the IST University provides internships in relevant subjects to Bachelor's and Master's students. All expenses, including aeroplane tickets, will be reimbursed for internships. For international students, this is a fully funded internship programme.

There is no requirement for IELTS or any other language exam to apply for the Internship. This summer of 2023 is an excellent opportunity to spend time in Austria, Europe. There will be a lot of fun, BBQs, and networking with fellows from all around the world throughout the internship. The internship in Austria will last 2-3 months and will take place between May 15 and September 15, 2023. Additional information about the IST Internship 2023 may be found below.
Every applicant from any country is eligible to apply. People from various nations are welcome to apply.

Internship opportunities are available in biology, computer science, data science, mathematics, physics, neuroscience, and multidisciplinary fields.

Language Internships are full-time positions that will be done entirely in English.

Financial Coverage 

Internship at IST Austria includes:
  1. Interns will be paid a monthly stipend.
  2. Visa help and assistance with round-trip air tickets from your country to IST University.
  3. There is also a travel allowance.
  4. The University provides a free shuttle bus service.
  5. Health insurance.


Before applying for the IST Summer Internship 2023, you must satisfy the IST University's basic requirements:
  1. Applicants enrolled in any university's Bachelor's or Master's degree programmes.
  2. Applicants must have finished at least four semesters of their undergraduate programme.
  3. Applicants with a Ph.D. are not eligible to apply.
  4. Capable of communicating in English.

Required Documents 

  1. CV/Resume
  2. Declaration of intent
  3. Transcripts from universities
  4. Every diploma or certificate
  5. One or two referees' contact details

How to Apply 

Interns must fill out an online application and supply all supporting documentation. The IST Summer Internship 2023 link is provided below. 

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