Study in UK - British Council Award Fully Funded Scholarships for Women in STEM 2023

Study in UK - British Council Award Fully Funded Scholarships for Women in STEM 2023

The British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM provide a chance for all girls and women in STEM to pursue a master's degree at one of the top institutions in the United Kingdom. This Fully Paid scholarship is for women from participating nations pursuing a degree in science-related subjects with a lower female to male ratio. This scholarship in the United Kingdom will not only aid women in STEM to improve and perfect their knowledge and abilities, but it will also motivate young girls and women to seek careers in the area. If you hold a Ph.D., the British Council provides scholarships for master's degrees and fellowship programmes.
The British Council wants to provide women with degrees in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or allied subjects a chance. International students with fully financed UK scholarships will have a life-changing experience. By applying, you will be able to pursue a Master's degree with a scholarship at one of the most prominent universities in the United Kingdom. Women from the Americas, East Asia, Western Balkans, South Asia, Central Asia, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, and Turkey are eligible for British Council scholarships. The British Council has partnered with 91 UK universities to provide scholarships to students pursuing master's degrees. Because women are underrepresented in STEM, this scholarship programme in the UK will enable you to accomplish much more in your career and alter your life.
These British Council scholarships for women in STEM are completely financed and will cover all financial expenditures, including travel, education, visa fees, health insurance, and a monthly stipend. If you speak English, have a demonstrated need for financial assistance, are actively working in your linked profession, and are enthusiastic about improving the relevant field, this is the ideal chance for you. Assume you are devoted and want to influence the ladies around you when you return home. In that situation, this scholarship will provide knowledge, skills, confidence, and independence to girls and women who desire to pursue STEM education.
According to the UN Scientific Education and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), less than 30% of researchers globally are women. Additionally, only 30% of female students choose STEM-related disciplines in higher education, but this figure has progressively increased to 35%. If you are among the 30%, apply for the British Council women in STEM scholarships to study at one of the best institutions in the UK.
Eligible countries include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kosovo, Nepal or Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, North Macedonia, Serbia or Uzbekistan, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Montenegro, Colombia, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Egypt, and Venezuela.


  • Candidates must be women from the above-mentioned participating nations.
  • They must be accessible from September 2023 to September 2024, as the school year begins in September.
  • In order to be eligible for the award, candidates must also demonstrate a financial need.
  • To pursue a master's degree, they must first get an undergraduate degree.
  • Moreover, candidates must be fluent in English.
  • Students with dual nationality are not eligible to apply for these British Council women in STEM scholarship programmes.
  • Candidates must be active in their field of interest, with employment experience or a demonstrated interest in their field.


  • The scholarship will cover the entire cost of tuition and additional study expenses.
  • International students can study at the universities of their choice in the United Kingdom.
  • Accommodation costs will be paid, and students will receive a monthly stipend for the length of the scholarship.
  • The British Council will also pay for the student's travel expenses.
  • Visa and health insurance costs.
  • Several universities will also cover the IELTS price.
  • Mothers receive special attention.
  • Chance to learn about the culture and living in the United Kingdom.

Application Process: 

  • You're probably wondering how to apply for the British Council Scholarships for Women in Science. Don't worry; the full application procedure is completed online.
  • To apply, go to their website by clicking the apply now link below.
  • Candidates should apply directly to the universities that are participating.
  • Choose your nation, and it will show you the application process for that country.
  • Universities have different deadlines, so verify the deadline of your intended university before applying.
  • The deadline runs from late February 2023 until May 22nd, 2023. Before you begin the application process, double-check the university's deadline.
Visit here to apply

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