Fully Funded Gates Cambridge Scholarships 2024 in UK | Study Masters,Msc,PhD,MLitt in UK For Free in 2024-2025

Fully Funded Gates Cambridge Scholarships 2024 in UK | Study Masters,Msc,PhD,MLitt in UK For Free in 2024-2025

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024 is a fully funded master's and doctoral scholarship for students living outside the United Kingdom. This program was founded in 2000 as a result of a gift from Bill and Melinda Gates to the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Each year, 80 students from all over the world are chosen for the Fully Funded Gates Cambridge Scholarship program. Over 2000 scholarships from over 100 countries have been awarded by The Trust.

The Gates Scholarship is available at the University of Cambridge in any field. The award is one of the world's most distinguished international scholarships. In addition, one of the coveted UK Scholarships, such as Chevening or Commonwealth. Are you prepared to advance in your career? More information about the Scholarship is provided below.


The Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers the entire cost of attending Cambridge University:
  1. The University Fee.
  2. Maintenance allowance for a single student (£20,000 for 12 months at the 2023-24 rate; pro rata for courses less than 12 months) - the award is for up to 4 years for PhD students.
  3. A single plane ticket.
  4. Inbound visa fees and the Immigration Health Surcharge.
The Trust also provides funding for the following:
  1. Attending conferences and training can cost anything from £500 to up to £2,000.
  2. Dependent Children Allowance is worth up to £11,604 for one child and £16,548 for two or more children.
  3. Allowance for Fieldwork
  4. Maternity and paternity benefits
  5. Hardship funding - for unexpected problems that the scholar may face.

Academic Fields

Except for the following academic subjects, the Gates Cambridge scholarship is available in all academic disciplines:
  1. Any Undergraduate degree, such as a BA (undergraduate) or a BA affiliated (a second BA), is acceptable.
  2. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  3. MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  4. MASt courses for Master of Finance (MFin)
  5. PGCE
  6. MD, MBBChir Clinical Studies Doctor of Medicine (6 years, part-time, only home students)
  7. A101 Graduate Course in Medicine
  8. Other than the PhD, part-time degrees Non-degree courses
The Gates scholarship does not cover the above courses.

Eligibility Criteria 

  1. Applicants from outside the UK are welcome to apply for the Gates Cambridge scholarship.
  2. Applicants with outstanding academic credentials and grades.
  3. The applicant must first apply to the University of Cambridge for the programme.

How to Apply 

  1. To be considered for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, you must first complete the application for admission to a programme and a College place, as well as the Gates Cambridge element of the funding section.
  2. Gates When considering applications for admission and financing, Cambridge has access to the entire application.
Part of the Admissions Section
In this section, you must include information about yourself, your ambitions, and your academic background. You are submitting an application for a specific graduate program.

Section on Funding
In this part, you can apply for numerous financial opportunities at Cambridge University, including the Gates Cambridge Scholarships, which have their own sub-section.

For the Gates Scholarship, the following items will be required:
  1. Cambridge remark by Bill Gates (about 500 words)
  2. Research proposal (only for PhD candidates)
  3. Cambridge reference by Gates (two scholarly references)
Visit here to apply


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