Apply for the Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024.

Apply for the Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024.

In 2024, attend a fully financed international conference in Qatar. Apply for the Qatar Global Peace Summit in 2024. The Summit will take place in January 2024. The GPS is a Youth-Led initiative that emphasizes leadership and information exchange through summits and seminars. The Global Peace Chain Qatar 2024 is intended to be one of the year's most important events. 150 people from all around the world will gather on one platform.
The Global Peace Chain will choose 150 people to participate. There are 15 seats that are fully financed, 25 seats that are partially supported, and 110 seats that are self-funded. You will be able to tour Qatar with other conference attendees. Make new acquaintances and contacts. Participants will be able to explore Qatar's scenery, dunes, and infrastructure. More details about the Global Peace Summit Qatar 2024 may be found below.

Summit Subjects
  • How can youth unemployment contribute to violence in society?
  • What are the core causes of worker exploitation, and what efforts must be taken to address them?
  • How can today's youth chart their interests and passions in order to flourish in the future?
  • How can international governing organizations improve their capacity for peacemaking? 

Financial Advantages
Fully Funded Seats: Fully funded candidates will get a flight ticket, lodging, a Peace Passport, a Certificate, meals (breakfast and lunch), a Conference Kit, a Cultural Evening Ceremony, and a Celebration Party.

Accommodation, a Peace Passport, a Certificate, Meals (Breakfast and Lunch), a Conference Kit, a Cultural Evening Ceremony, and a Celebration Party will be offered to fully sponsored candidates.

110 Self-Funded Seats: Self-funded candidates can purchase a Global Peace Summit delegate package.

Other Benefits
  • Opportunity to interact with Global Leaders
  • Meet with like-minded young social entrepreneurs
  • A chance to share your social impacts
  • Peace Education & Leadership Capacity Building Sessions
  • Diplomatic Panel Talks
  • Keynote speeches
  • Focused group discussions
  • Group activities
  • Awards & Certifications
  • Signatory campaign
  • Cultural Presentation
  • Gala Night
Eligibility Criteria
  • Youth between 16-40 of age
  • Participants from all nationalities can apply.
  • Open-minded, highly motivated, and passionate
  • Students and young professionals are encouraged to apply.
  • From any academic field.

How To Apply

visit here to Apply

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