Study in Turkiye - Here is the list of scholarship in Turkiye Without IELTS

Study in Turkiye - Here is the list of scholarship in Turkiye Without IELTS

Turkey is attracting more international students every year. If you want to study in Turkey without IELTS, your dream can come true. According to a student from the Turkiye Burslari Scholarships, no exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT are required for international students applying for these scholarships. You can study in Turkish universities without IELTS, using other alternatives.

If you're looking for scholarships to study in Turkey, check out the list of BS, MS, and PhD scholarships available. Türkiye Scholarships are a great choice because they are government-funded and support you throughout your studies. Turkey has over 200 universities, both public and private, and more than 260,000 international students. You can find updated statistics on studyinturkiye.gov.tr. Below is a list of universities in Turkey where you don't need IELTS.

Why Study in Turkiye?
  • High-Quality Education: Turkish universities offer respected programs with modern facilities and experienced professors. There are over 12,000 degree programs.
  • Affordable Cost: Living and studying in Turkey is generally cheaper compared to Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK.
  • Fully Funded Scholarships: State-funded scholarship programs are available.
  • No Exam Scores Required: No need for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, or GMAT scores.
  • Admission Through Agents: Many Turkish universities have recognized agents worldwide. If you apply through an agent, they will handle the application process, allowing you to get admitted without IELTS.

  • List of Universities to Study in Turkiye Without IELTS
    Here’s a list of some Turkish universities that don’t require IELTS for admission:
    • Istanbul Aydın University
    • Fatih Sultan Mehmet University
    • İstanbul Zaim University
    • Ufuk University
    • Atılım University
    • Başkent University
    • İstanbul Medipol University
    • Kadir Has University (they may have their own English proficiency exam)
    • Beykent University
    • Bahçeşehir University
    • Çankaya University
    List of Scholarships in Turkiye Without IELTS for International Students

    There are three types of scholarships available in Turkey: government scholarships, university scholarships, and private scholarships.

    One advantage of Türkiye Scholarships is that they don't require IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, or GMAT scores for the application. Some popular scholarships include:

    • Turkiye Burslari Scholarship (5,000 scholarships)
    • Turkiye Research Scholarship
    • Turkiye Success Scholarship Program
    • IsDB and YTB Joint Scholarship Program
    • Bilkent University Scholarship
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