The applications are now available for the fully funded The AYF Fellowship Program in Japan 2023

The applications are now available for the fully funded The AYF Fellowship Program in Japan 2023

Are you interested in learning about different cultures and solving real-world problems? If so, we have a fantastic opportunity for you to investigate. The AYF Fellowship Programme in Japan 2023 is a fantastic opportunity for personal and professional development on the beautiful island of Awaji. This programme invites you to embark on an incredible journey that will not only broaden your understanding of Japan but will also assist you in solving some real-world problems. You will engage in meaningful interactions, form lifelong friendships, and gain valuable skills that will shape your future during the Awaji fellowship 2023. So prepare to be captivated by this beautiful country's blend of ancient traditions and modern technology. This article contains all of the necessary information to get you started. 
The AYF Fellowship 2023 is a fully funded international student fellowship. It will take place on Awaji Island, Japan, at Manabi no Sato, the headquarters of the Awaji Youth Federation. During the fellowship, selected participants will live and work on the island, giving them the opportunity to stretch their limits and improve their skills in a diverse environment that meets the needs of Japanese workplaces. The programme places a strong emphasis on hands-on learning, allowing fellows to actively participate and experience the thrill of practical application. The fellowship is part of the Pasona Group, and its main goal is to find long-term solutions to society's problems. Fellows have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to share their global perspectives with the Awaji community.
This Awaji Youth Federation Fellowship 2023 gives fellows the opportunity to showcase their skills and contribute to the development of Awaji Island in accordance with the Pasona Group's vision, with the possibility of continuing to work on exciting new projects after the fellowship ends. The AYF Fellowship participants will receive attractive monetary benefits, including a monthly salary of JPY 197,000. This comprehensive package includes the base salary as well as overtime, ensuring financial stability throughout the programme. Furthermore, the AYF Fellowship provides regular career counselling sessions, allowing fellows to define their goals and take proactive steps to achieve them. Each fellow is assigned a mentor from the AYF Secretariat staff, which is made up of experienced AYF alumni who provide guidance and support throughout the programme.
This international fellowship has a lot to offer, making it a fantastic opportunity that you shouldn't miss out on. Joining this programme allows you to learn more about yourself, grow personally, and connect with people from various cultures. It is an opportunity to stretch yourself, learn new skills, and gain an understanding of how things work in the Japanese workplace. Not only will you be able to live and work on Awaji Island with no out-of-pocket expenses, but you will also receive mentorship and career counselling. You can also help to solve important social issues. Being in a multicultural environment will broaden your horizons and assist you in becoming more involved in the global community.

Themes of Fellowship: The following are the AYF fellowship themes.

Project Management and Leadership
Intrapreneurship and Innovation
Public Relations and Marketing


The international youth Fellowship in Japan provides a variety of benefits to those who are chosen. Among the many advantages are:

Monthly Salary: Participants will be paid JPY 197,000 per month, which includes both the base salary and overtime.

Accommodation and Meals: Accommodation and meals will be provided for the entire 9-month period.

Room Style: Depending on availability, participants will be assigned a room in either Japanese or Western style.

Utility costs, such as electricity and Wi-Fi, will be covered by the fellowship.

Food: Participants will have access to a variety of food options.

Mentorship: During the fellowship, participants will receive valuable mentorship from experienced professionals to help them grow and develop.

Eligibility Criteria 

Applicants from all over the world are welcome to apply.

Age Requirement: Candidates between the ages of 24 and 30 are eligible to apply.

To be eligible for the fellowship programme, candidates must have a Bachelor's or Master's Degree.

English Proficiency: To satisfy the language requirement, non-native English speakers must obtain a TOEIC score of 800 or demonstrate a comparable level of proficiency in both speaking and writing.

Japanese Language Proficiency: Japanese language proficiency is preferred.

Social Impact Commitment:Candidates must demonstrate their commitment to addressing societal issues and making significant contributions to the fellowship's projects.

Candidates should demonstrate core values such as hard work, discipline, and genuine concern for others.

Flexibility and Resilience: Candidates must be able to adapt, persevere, and show resilience.

Transforming Ideas into Action: Fellows must have the ability and motivation to effectively transform their ideas into concrete actions.

Involvement in the AYF Community: Prior involvement and a demonstrated track record of engagement in the AYF Global Community is an asset for applicants.

How to Apply 

To apply for the AYF Fellowship in Japan, candidates must complete the following steps.

  • To access the online application portal, go to the official AYF Fellowship website.
  • Read the eligibility criteria carefully to ensure that you meet the fellowship requirements.
  • Prepare all required documents, including your resume/CV, educational transcripts, language proficiency test scores (TOEIC, JLPT), and any other materials requested.
  • Provide complete and accurate personal information.
  • Then, upload the necessary documents.
  • Respond to the questions that have been provided, which may include inquiries about your educational background, language skills, previous experiences, and motivation to join the fellowship.
  • Submit your application once you have completed all of the required sections of the application form and attached all required documents.
visit here to apply

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